Three great names in online reservation services have joined forces
to bring
you the tools you need to attract the customers you want.


Restaurant table reservation request management web services make it easy for your web site to offer a convenient and appealing way to attract reservation requests for your dining facility. We supply a script for your web site so your customers can easily send a reservation request to you. You can receive these requests instantly either by email or by fax.

Our yearly fee of $200 per restaurant web site is quite attractive and you can use your own web host and your own computer hardware and connection. Our handsome logo is a readily noticeable icon on your home page to let people know they can have instant contact with you.


Place the following on your Home Page and/or Contact/Directions page(to match your design style).

Your customer clicks here to reserve
Home Page Table Reservation Form Button example

Your customer is taken to the Reservations Form (again, completely customizable to your design style) and fills it out:

Restaurant Reservation Form

In the above example, the customer selects the time, date, number in party, and fills in the other information. A calendar optionally pops up to help with date selection (and fills in the select date).

An email or fax arrives in the restaurant documenting the reservation request.

Your can optionally access live statistics and a log of your reservation requests.

For nominal additional fees, we can:

  • Customize our logo to fit your restaurant graphics style/aesthetics
  • Provide periodic (daily...monthly) statistics
  • Install and integrate into your existing web site
  • Host your web site on our servers, and/or provide other services listed below



Other products/services for the restaurant and food industry:


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